Work Experience

Dec 2023 - Present
Digital Health · London, UK

AI Python Engineer (GenAI, ChatGPT, MLOps, Django, PostgreSQL, React) · Contract

  • Integrated Generative AI, ChatGPT, and LangChain for advanced, interactive applications, enhancing user engagement and AI's conversational capabilities.
  • Utilised FAISS and embeddings for efficient similarity search and feature representation in AI models, enhancing accuracy and performance.
  • Applied RAG techniques for advanced NLP tasks, combining retrieval and generation methods; actively collaborated in AI-driven projects for technological advancement.
  • Employed MLOps practices and developed robust backend systems using Django and PostgreSQL; designed dynamic user interfaces with React.
  • Leveraged Azure for deploying and managing scalable, cloud-based applications, optimising operational efficiency.

May 2023 - Nov 2023 · 6 mos
MarshMclennan · London, UK

Python Application Developer (Machine Learning, React) · Contract

  • Developed a new integration solution for Finance Systems using Python and RESTFul APIs in the MMC FIS team.
  • Used NLP models like Logistic Regression, Random Forest, SVM and Neural Networks to process the data files and do document classification, demonstrating proficiency in machine learning techniques.
  • Preprocessed and cleaned the raw data for modeling by applying techniques like tokenisation, stemming, lemmatisation, stop-word removal, and feature engineering.
  • Utilised embedding models like Word2Vec, Doc2Vec & BERT to represent the textual data in a high-dimensional vector space, capturing the semantic and syntactic relationships between words and documents.
  • Built, trained, and fine-tuned various ML models to achieve high accuracy in document classification tasks.
  • Evaluated the performance of the models using metrics like accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score, and confusion matrix.
  • Visualised the data and model’s results using tools like Matplotlib and Seaborn to gain insights and make informed decisions.
  • Used FastAPI framework and SQLAlchemy for developing RESTFul APIs and Postgres relational database backend.
  • Demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think laterally.

June 2022 - Feb 2023 · 8 mos
Solelyweb · London, UK

AI Python Engineer (Machine Learning) · Contract

  • Developed a web based E-commerce platform using Python & synchronised it with Amazon platform using Amazon API, demonstrating experience in Microservices, dynamic programming, optimisation & Cloud, Distributed systems etc.
  • Utilised machine learning techniques to develop predictive models for various business use cases, including sales forecasting, customer churn prediction, and product recommendations, using Polars & Pandas for data processing & analysis, resulting in valuable insights and solutions for improved business outcomes.
  • Applied dynamic programming concepts to the design and implementation of CI/CD pipelines using feature toggling for ML models to enable rapid iteration & deployment while ensuring code quality and reproducibility, ensuring a smooth workflow and continuous delivery of high-quality products.
  • Implemented Unit Testing and followed the TDD approach to guarantee code quality for high-performance server-side applications catering to millions of regular users worldwide.
    Followed the TDD approach and implemented unit testing for high-performance server-side applications catering to millions of regular users worldwide, ensuring code quality and reliability.
  • Leveraged containerisation and container orchestration technologies such as Docker, Terraform & AWS EC2 to automate the e-commerce tech stack, resulting in reduced errors, improved customer satisfaction, and saved time.
  • Leveraged Kubernetes features like auto-scaling and rolling deployments for efficient resource utilisation and zero downtime deployments, resulting in improved performance and resilience.
  • Gained deeper business insights for forecasting and demand planning with efficient management & communicated effectively with stakeholders for a better understanding of their requirements.

Oct 2021 - Jan 2022 · 4 mos
Rugmaster · London, UK

Senior Full Stack Developer · Part-time

  • Developed an analytics web app using Python microservices to fetch and process data that reduces expert analysis time. Upgraded several legacy python modules to latest version.
  • Built a bootstrapped frontend and integrated it into a Django app for visualisation purposes.

Apr 2015 - Aug 2021 · 5 yrs 5 mos
White Way Web · Ahmedabad, India

Senior Full Stack Developer · Permanent

  • Leadership: Supervised a team of 5+ junior web and mobile application developers. 
  • Provided mentorship and code review for junior developers while leading architectural sessions and participating in interviewing processes to ensure team productivity and maintain code quality.
  • Communication: Worked for a French client and discussed various options on video calls to make sure projects meet their business requirements. Provided technical support to high-level clients regarding technology stack.
  • Automation: Automated the deployment of AWS IaaS environments using Terraform scripting. 
  • Performed testing, optimisation and maintenance of Iaas web application in an AWS environment.
  • Worked proactively in all aspects of the project: Development, Production Incident resolution, change requests and enhancements & deployment.
  • Technologies Used: Python, Django, Wagtail CMS, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, GIT, Docker, Terraform,  AWS, VS Code

Apr 2012 - Mar 2015 · 3 yrs
White Way Web · Ahmedabad, India

Full Stack Web Developer · Permanent

  • Organisational Skill: Managed and developed websites and design/creation for clients from USA, Canada,
    Europe and Australia while maintaining consistent feel and brand awareness
  • Created web services(API) for mobile application development.
  • Technical Skill: Worked at coding level in order to customize various CodeIgniter templates.
  • Technologies Used: Developed web portals using core CodeIgniter, MySQL, Ajax, HTML, CSS.

Sep 2010 - Mar 2012 · 1 yr 7 mos
JoomlaVogue · Ahmedabad, India

Junior Web developer · Permanent

  • Consulted with clients to develop and document Website requirements.
  • Planned, designed, wrote, integrated and tested website related code.
  • Prepared mock-ups, storyboards and developed Website architecture and determine hardware and software requirements.
  • Select source and organize information for inclusion and design the appearance, layout and flow of the website.
  • Responsible for server-side development, server provisioning, database development, and front-end development.
  • Responsible for production, testing, and staging environments.
  • Technologies Used: CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git, Photoshop,
    Dreamweaver, Filezilla


Sep 2021 - Sep 2022
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Master of Science - MS, Artificial Intelligence

Grade – Merit

1) Autonomous Intelligent System:
  • Deep understanding of the principles & techniques that are needed to design & build autonomous intelligent system(AISs).
  • Familiar with Knowledge representation & engineering techniques based on formal logic.
  • Tackled autonomous decision-making techniques, from AI planning to probabilistic reasoning & Markov Decision Processes.
  • Familiar with Propositional Reasoning: SAT Solvers, CDCL, STRIPS & FDR, PDDL, Casual & Domain Transition Graphs, Heuristic Search, Critical Path Heuristics.
2) Deep Learning:
  • Gain an understanding of Pytorch tensors, automatic differentiation, the computational graph and constructed a first neural network
  • Familiar with Geoff Hinton’s slides on gradient descent & RMSProp, Overfiting & regularisation.
  • Familiar with Convolutional Networks, Siamese Networks.
3) Machine Learning
  • In-depth understanding of various approaches to machine learning algorithms.
  • Able to implement versions of several ML algorithms such as KNN, Random Forests.
  • Applied ideas and algorithms of ML in industry, medicine and other fields.
4) Data Analysis
  • Developed, validated, evaluated & effectively used machine learning models & statistical models.
  • Worked with methods & techniques such as Clustering, Regression , Decision Trees & Neural Networks.
  • Extracted values and insights from the large datasets.
5) Natural Language Processing
  • Gained an understanding of the basics of computational linguistics.
  • Obtained, verified & cleaned text data.
  • Transformed text data into appropriate formats for downstream tasks.
  • Visualized, quantified & performed exploratory analysis from text data.
  • Build classic machine learning models for NLP using Python.
  • Evaluated & compared the performance of models with the right metrics.

2006 - 2010
Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology

Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Computer Engineering

Grade – First Class (72%)

College Tech-Fest Web Application:
  • Transformed the basic HTML tech-fest website into CMS
  • Effectively handled the core CodeIgniter programming
  • Generated OOPs classes responsible for performing CRUD operations to automate the whole CMS.
  • Proficiently implemented the Ajax programming for animations in various website sections.

Lakshmi Pat Singhania School

GCSE : English, Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Grade – First Class (75%)

Technical Expertise





Restful API






Software / Tools

Jupyter Notebook




VS Code






Fameworks / Platforms



Django Restframework


Wagtail CMS








Bootstrap Framework